Have you ever wanted to belong ? Chris takes us through his Journey as he went from a disturbed childhood . That A Ego based bet  ended up Chris to sign up with the marines . He tells us how after the marines he found himself Broke, homeless on the Streets of Hong Kong  After his Entrepreneurial dream had gone sour . Then being picked up By the 14k Hong Kong’s the most Ruthless brother hood .while he was suffering a acute mental illness from his crystal meth addiction. Going on to Forefeeling a Dream as a child of living like Tarzan .living in the jungle and many other adventures . 

“I’m with the triads and they’re looking after me and well, who at 25 years old isn’t going to get a bit carried away with that Fergus, you know, so join them Marines was out of necessity, working as a doorman for the triads, again, was out of necessity. But it also gave me that feeling of belonging, “

Chris has had many adventures .Today find himself an author of  6 books including his latest book a state of mind . He is also a life coach, as well as host of Bought the t-shirt Podcast And The Chris Thrall YouTube channel .

Key Takeaways:

  • Gangs and how they operate and Recruit.
  • Confucianism Explained.
  • Society and media not being as it seems  .
  • Alkaline diet explained .

Connect with Chris:

Connect with Fergus 

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The Own Your Success Podcast shares and dissects  inspirational personal journeys of transformation form experts who are trying to create the life they deserve. The host Fergus Matheson shares his inspiration for starting the podcast in episode #1.

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