Finding the right guest or podcast to appear on can certainly be overwhelming with podcast hosts that charge, do not respond to inquiries, or those that do not truly understand how many listeners are reached vs how many are actually engaging with the show.

Many entrepreneurs have given up trying to be heard in the Ocean of Podcast noise out there. Well Podcast Genie has it covered as we have had these problems and overcome them . So, you don't have to spend the time and energy on making the mistakes and go through the mind field of traps. That will slow you down to achieve your authority in the space .

There are more than...

1 Million

active podcasts and with more than 30 million podcast episodes available today. More than 1/2 of people age 12-34 regularly listen to podcasts.

Podcast Growth Is Up...


in the last 3 years and continues to rise. The average podcast fan listens to 6 episodes per week.

Podcast Listeners Are...


actively participating on at least one social media channel sharing relevant content to their audience.

Fergus Matheson

Founder & CEO

An entrepreneur, husband, father, and the ultimate podcast connector in the UK. Fergus understands the power of connecting not just with his clients but also with the podcast hosts, by caring about the well being of the show and his clients, Fergus has created a way to ensure your message is put in all the right places. With relationships both in the UK and United States there is no limit to the audiences his clients achieve.